My Approach to Wellbeing

Healing is a journey, where we can discover more about ourselves. Learning to be more grounded, more present, more focused and more aware, we can create a positive transformation in our lives. 


Embodiment empowers our agency in everyday life situations.


Regaining control over our distracted attention helps us concentrate on what really matters.


Our health improves with our personal growth, transforming our lives and our perception of it.

Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing is an important topic of our time. My workshops for educators, conferences and in schools help to address the urgent issue of cognitive overload, to open new pathways for enriched learning opportunities.

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Individual Sessions

When our body becomes a tangible training ground, wellbeing naturally follows. The beauty of individual sessions is how a learning process unfolds as each client discovers their own genuine experience.

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Healing on Speed Dial

Working with Eylam on my fully fractured elbow was close to miracle work. Even the chief doctor at Charité was astonished by the speed of my healing process to the point where they removed all internal metals 7 months prior to its estimate.

Eylam did not only show me how to connect with my own inner healing mechanisms of bone, scar and fascia but also helped me to find alignment with the surrounding somatic traumas that have accumulated in my personal story over the years. This type of work is key to finding healing through presence and embodied self awareness. Highly recommended.

– Robin W.