Whether I am teaching workshops in schools or working with individual clients, I have found that Attention is the key to actively creating change. Emotional and mental states aren’t separate from our physical experience so my work is always approached as a whole. By incorporating my extensive experience in embodiment training, teaching and research, I treat each person and group comprehensively.

Many have asked me: “What makes this work so effective?” Once we attune our awareness to better manage our attention this makes an incredible difference in our experiences. Once distraction begins to transform, a rekindled sense of self-learning can emerge. Through this embodiment training, goals can be set and then realized.

Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing is an important topic of our time. My workshops for educators, conferences and in schools help to address the urgent issue of cognitive overload, to open new pathways for enriched learning opportunities.

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Individual Sessions

When our body becomes a tangible training ground, wellbeing naturally follows. The beauty of individual sessions is how a learning process unfolds as each client discovers their own genuine experience.

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Being ‘here and now’ is not a spiritual Cliché for our body, but rather its natural habitat.