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Our experiences are written into the tapestry of our body and coded into our being. Yet, when we gain access to it as a bodily experience, we can learn to read, write, rewrite and overwrite  – and so a new chapter emerges in our lives expressing who we creatively and truly are.

My academic background is in History and Philosophy of Science and by training I am a practitioner and a teacher of somatic coaching. I enjoy this cross over and try to make good use of it in my work with people.

I am originally from Israel and have lived extensively in the U.S, in Switzerland and in Germany. I enjoy very much the cultural diversity, the languages and the various points of reference that I have been privileged to experience.

Growing up in a war torn country exposed me early on to the devastating effects of trauma, grief and loss. Having an autistic brother with severe brain damage brought me in touch with the complexity of human perception and learning difficulties.

Today my education and life experiences help me to approach the demanding situations my clients face and the daunting personal challenges they wish to overcome, with the empathy and respect we all deserve.

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