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If we are honest, as a society we are drowning in overstimulation. Despite the constant availability of information via various digital formats, people of all ages are finding it harder to concentrate and more difficult to learn. Through intensive research and over 25 years of working with individuals and groups, I believe that this question of cognitive overwhelm can be answered by identifying and training Attention as a resource. To provide educators and students with tools to bring focus into classrooms, I have developed the Digital Wellbeing Workshops.

The Digital Age Calls for Digital Wellbeing.

Through the use of informative videos, embodiment training and open discussions,
these workshops guide students and adults towards making smarter use of their “smart” devices.

Improving Learning

The Digital Wellbeing Workshops aim to raise awareness about the effects of digital life on our wellbeing and health and to give practical tools about how to use digital devices in a balanced way. This will help parents, teachers and administrators alike, to encourage healthier achievement.

Improving Health

Digital distractions have been found to lead to shorter attention span and cognitive overload, sometimes contributing to obesity, depression, anxiety and various forms of insomnia. Digital Wellbeing is a healthy response to these Internet driven behaviorally-evidenced addictions .

Our attention rushes through the day in an often relentless pace, impacting our minds and our bodies, making it harder to complete one thing as we are already moving on to the next thing about to start. As a result, it becomes more demanding to learn and more difficult to sustain focused attention on what we wish to achieve. As technology is forecasted to expand, so is our dependency upon our devices. This will logically hold deep consequences for education as distracted and fragmentized attention compromises student's talents and capacities.

Eylam Langotsky