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The unfolding journey we are on

Reclaiming sanctuary for our embodiment, our attention and our perception.

Accompanying people through thick and thin on their unique and personal journeys is to me beyond a profession or career, but a deep-rooted calling, a vocation, and a vision. We encounter our own incredible wisdom and come to terms with the treasures of our being. I have often had the feeling that we are touching so much more than the surface, or treating our life’s challenges, aches and suffering. We explore not just our problems and our trouble, but also our powers our strengths, our beauty and our magic, and all that lies within reach in who we are as embodied, attentive and perceptive beings.

Being embodied, attentive and perceptive is something we are born with and therefore it is naturally given to us, and we often thus also take it, namely, as a given, taken for granted and easily overlooked, unless we are not well. But what if we could take those natural treasures gems of our ‘Body’, the deep wisdom of our ‘Perception’ and begin to attentively tap into them, with intention, as a form of cultivation, as a training we can do to master our own given capacities and then turn them into a skill, a skill-set, or a tool, or a tool-kit, and become a sort of self-made artists by the craft of our own artistic experience of ourselves?

With this in mind, I open my work beyond the working room, wishing to share the essences of my work, not just as a healer, or a therapist, but as a form of human work, embodied, attentive and perceptive, that none of us has to get sick in order to seek out, but that can be a part of our life’s journey.

So, here as a taster of my ‘Quest’, which down the line will become a fuller project, perhaps a book, perhaps a virtual multimedia journey supported on line, or any other reality that will come to meet our dreams. Welcome in and I hope it will serve you well on your way. This is the Quest to reclaim the foundations of our human experience. I wanted to give you the first sneak previews into those few sequences of conversations that go down or perhaps ‘up’ this way, with dear friends and colleagues, who alongside seek to explore their perceptual universes and we share our passions, cross paths, and exchange ‘notes’, on the way.

A conversation with Balach Hussain about my beloved topics of “The Emboded-Human-Condition“, that recently appeared on his Podcast ‘Inspired in Berlin

A conversation with Katharina Alf about “The power of Attention” and the consequences of our approach to Attention as an embodied experience, recently appeared on her podcast, ‘Life: embodied

Hopefully soon, more episodes of different kinds will be published here and we can open a multi-logue and talk about them. Sunny Spring Days.



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